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The Why I Am Alive Initiative believes every individual has a God-given purpose to achieve in life.

The Why I Am Alive Initiative (WIAAI), is an initiative of Eureka Productions Limited. Our objective, is to through our Initiative, awaken creativity and innovation in the minds of the youth, by reaching out to them, sourcing out and empowering scalable, viable and bankable innovations, from secondary school students, tertiary institution students as well as youths across the Nation, to reduce crime and unemployment while also preparing them towards Nation building.

In retrospect to the essence of the Why I Am Alive Initiative, the Founder once made it public that, “it began when I started asking myself a particular question repeatedly, why am I alive? I had to go through a self-discovery phase with this. I would walk through life, drive through the driveway and see children under the bridge, adults begging and young able-bodied people run around, hawking food items and wonder, ‘Is this the purpose of these people here on earth? Is this all they are going to do and then die?’ I would further wonder why I was privileged to be in a home where I could get the support I needed to facilitate my own dreams. Why am I in a car and they are on the streets? I did not get the answers immediately but as I went through life, it gave me the strong belief that every living being is indeed alive for a reason, a purpose. I hate poverty and suffering, so I needed to use my passion in the media and my greatest tool being my voice (storytelling) to fight it in very creative and exciting ways. I decided to use my platform, my tool to pursue this through every single content we create.


In other words, the Why I Am Alive initiative came to be when I discovered myself and my purpose which is to support as many people as possible in discovering their life purposes.”


Since inception, in 2014, WIAA Initiative has been able to reach out to over 2,000 secondary school students, 1,500 tertiary institution students and 2,500 graduates and youths. More than 60% have chosen a professional career path to help solve problems in Nigeria and the world at large, while about 35% have started their own innovative businesses with the token seed fund we were able to support them with. More than 37% of them that were already losing hope and resorted to crime are now mentors and ambassadors in the society today. We are also proud to say that at WIAAI, we prioritize gender equality. We always ensure that 60% of our participants/target audience are female. So far, more than 50% of our female participants are doing us proud in academics, entrepreneurship and their career. The Why I Am Alive Initiative has empowered school students in rural areas with scholarships to continue their education. Market women have also benefited by getting help to support their families.

Innovation is at the heart of Nigeria’s business and technology growth and it will play a key role as we head into a digitally-dominated future. This is why the initiative annually supports and celebrates its increasingly important place at the heart of Nigeria’s upward trajectory, The Why I Am Alive Initiative (WIAAI) by staging the inaugural Innovators Empowerment Awards to recognize and empower the brilliance of young Nigerians in diverse areas of human endeavor: Fashion, Art, Food, Philanthropy, Design, Technology, Achitecture amongst others for them to live a purposeful life that is built on diligence and excellence.


The Innovation drive is the reason Why I Am Alive Initiative has continually made efforts to handhold young innovators by turning their ideas into commercially viable products. The outreaches the initiative handles prior the Grand Finale event features Workshops and Knowledge impact sessions, seeks to support students and viable innovators seeking a break in entrepreneurial ventures. Registration and pitching is usually open to any individual with a powerful, scalable , sustainable and viable innovation in any industry that has the ability to make a change in their lives and the lives of others.