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Projects & Relative Subsidiary


Eureka Productions is focused on impacting, educating and empowering the mind of the people


Eureka Moments TV show is a TV show that brings selected guest from all over the world/globe to share the Eureka Moments of their lives, careers, businesses or ministries because we believe that their lives have a story that can impact, encourage and influence the world positively.


Eureka Moments Club is an association/group of people that come together frequently to empower one another to ensure we achieve our goals, dreams and purpose in life per time and season. We all need a push, some courage, support, help and insight to achieve our goals and fulfill our purpose in life. YOU SHOULD NOT DO LIFE ALONE. What makes us different is we achieve all this through the power of STORY TELLING Stories are so powerful.

EUREKA MOMENTS CLUB EVENTS: We inviteWe don't only invite a guest storyteller that has an amazing success story You can relate to, learn from and apply to your life and circumstances practically but we also have all members of the association (community) share their own stories weekly.

Selected stories are then posted and showed to other community members.
Selected stories are also published in our affiliate magazines and media platforms.


The Why I Am Alive Initiative is a an Initiative of Eureka Productions, it was birthed from the belief that every human being is alive for a purpose and if discovered, nurtured and maximized we can be more than what we see ourselves and to enforce a movement of empowering the minds and hands of young and aspiring individuals, through the art of storytelling in different strategies. The initiative focuses on educating and empowering the mind of the young people to first search within for answers rather than look for answers only from the environment.

  • We have been able to reach out, educate and empower the minds of 500 secondary schools, 1000 university student and 50 market women.
  • Alongside celebrated US bestselling author and business coach; David Meltzer Eureka Productions held a Masterclass to guide individuals on discovering their full potential to increase results in the workplace. Why I Am Alive Masterclass has various attendees from different fields including executives, entrepreneurs, MSMEs, SMEs and even students were enlightened.
  • The initiative also had an event showcased, celebrated and tell the story of Nigerian who are doing exceptionally well in their field of choice within Nigeria and in the diaspora.