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At Eureka Productions, we create media options strategically and creatively sculptured to communicate client service and branding OUR SERVICES Eureka Productions is focused on impacting, educating and empowering the minds of the people OUR PROJECTS
About Us

Eureka Productions is a media production organization that specializes in content creation, media buying, public relations and media broadcasting.

Since our inception, we have prospered significantly by remaining fiercely loyal to our core objective; to constantly and consistently help individuals push the boundaries of what is considered normal; innovating, doing the extraordinary and living up to their full potential.

Our Community

coaching for leadership

Stories from our community are inspiring and elicit uplifting emotions, which is why we choose to tell them. Because we want to positively influence culture, we are mindful about the stories we share and how it impacts our community because culture lives in stories.

Our Processes

transforming society

We have both physical and virtual events, all of which have a human story side-by-side, and continue to have a ripple effect. As we continue to chart the path of infinite possibilities, and passionately explore uncharted territories, we are committed to leaving an indelible mark.

Our Services

Social Enterprise

Social Enterprise

At Eureka productions, social enterprise is a major aspect of our business, we believe ...

Media Broadcasting

Media Broadcasting

Hosting, directing and producing TV shows, radio shows and broadcasting on the right ...

Public Relations

Public Relations

Using our unique media strategies, we help our client to create and relate their stories and ...

Media Buying

Media Buying

Helping our clients buy media from the best media platforms to enable them finish their ...

Innovative Program

The Innovator’s Edition

The “Why I Am Alive” project, an initiative of The Eureka Productions, was designed to acknowledge the contributions of inspiring Nigerians to the Nigerian story and also empower young Nigerians to be the best at their chosen fields of endeavor.


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